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Applications for Education Support Fund awards are now open and will close on 18th November 2019.


As Spring arrives, the Year 12 students in our district are in sight of the end of their secondary education.  It is the point at which they are finalising choices for future study, whether at TAFE, University or Online courses.  It is also the time of year when mature students think about further education to enhance existing experience and knowledge.

However, as a rural district, our students are faced with additional costs to access post secondary education due to our distance from an urban centre.  This is where the Community Foundation’s Education Support Fund (‘ESF’) can assist with an ESF award.

The purpose of the Educational Support Fund is to provide financial support to students in our district to help overcome the challenges of transitioning to tertiary education.  Whether the challenges relate to distance /location, or their own specific circumstances, the ESF awards can be used for relocation costs, bonds, rent, course materials etc.


Who can apply?

  • People enrolled in or intending to enrol in their first year of a recognised course of study in 2020. This must be an approved curriculum and course at an Australian post compulsory institution that is recognised by Australian educational authorities.
  • Applicants may apply for funding for the first year of a second recognised course of study at an  Australian post compulsory institution, but these will be considered as a lower priority.
  • Residents of or people with a strong demonstrable connection to the Mirboo North District. 
  • Australian citizens or permanent residents (evidence is required).

What can the Support grant be used for?

The support grant can be used for:

  • Approved curriculum and post compulsory education courses at an Australian higher education institution or registered training organisation that are approved or recognised by Australian educational authorities.
  • Expenses related to living away from home (including rent / board)
  • Expenses directly related to the course being undertaken (e.g. Books, laptop materials)


Mentoring and Rural Youth Leadership Program

The costs associated with taking up third level education is only one of the challenges facing our students. Research indicates that another challenge is that students are moving away from various support networks. In collaboration with YouThrive Victoria we are offering a small number of applicants access to a Mentoring Program and / or the Rural Youth Leadership Program,.


What is the purpose of the Mentoring Program?

Mentoring is aimed at providing a support network for students transitioning to University. They will be assigned a mentor (themselves a second or third year student in the same University or doing the same course) to act as a source of information and guidance.

To find out more, look at

What is the purpose of the Rural Youth Leadership Program?

The Rural Youth Leadership Program is aimed at developing leadership skills for rural students to enhance their studies and bring further benefits back to our District in the future.

To find out more, look at


Apply Now:

1. Read the ESF Guidelines attached below.

2.  Download Application Form below in Adobe Acrobat and save it to your computer.  Complete editable fields in the PDF (it can be completed in stages, saved and returned to).

3. Submit Application Form: ensure you are connected to the internet, press ‘submit’. It will then be submitted automatically via Adobe Acrobat.

4. Ask a Referee to complete Reference Form (download attachment below).  Remember to tell them what challenges you have ticked on your application.  This form should be downloaded by Referee, completed and submitted on-line (press submit when connected to the internet). 


Email Ruth Rogan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions or queries.





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