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Molly Brooks was one of our 2015 Student Educational Support Fund applicants, who was successful in receiving $1000 to assist in her first year of studies at RMIT (Assoc Degree in Fashion and Textiles Merchandising). At only 19, Molly worked exceptionally hard during that first year to achieve the academic results required for acceptance into an international study tour through RMIT in her second year. this 10 day intensive study course.

Molly was accepted to undertake this 10 day intensive study course attending the LIM Fashion and Business School in New York. Without any hesitation Molly grabbed the opportunity and left for America on the 14 June 2016.

It was not only a life changing experience for her, growing up in a small country town, to be able to immerse herself in the Fashion Industry of New York, the course also provided 12 credits towards her degree.


The Community Foundation’s support has allowed me to pursue my education and all of the great opportunities that University has put forward to me.

Moving to Melbourne to commence tertiary studies after Year 12 was difficult due to expenses, but with the Community Foundation’s help, I was able to do so.  I moved into a safe and secure apartment and began studying a course that I love, Fashion Business. This grant also allowed me to begin tertiary education a little bit less stressed, taking a step in the right direction to get the marks that I wanted.

During the second year of my course, I was offered an opportunity to study a summer course in Social Media & E-Marketing in New York City, at LIM College, with about 20 of my classmates. This opportunity is something that I definitely wouldn’t have been able to take up without the Community Foundation’s support once again. It was the learning experience of a lifetime, and opened my eyes up to the possibilities out there, allowing me to understand the places I can go, in regard to my education and my career. This study tour was a lot of work, but also gave me a much-needed kick of inspiration to keep aspiring for great marks in my course, as my second year was exhausting and a lot of work. For example,  during my second year we worked with industry professionals, in my case Myer Miss Shop, to create a range and marketing campaign for their Miss Shop range. This was extremely demanding with hours upon hours being spent on this project outside of Uni, as well as spending 4 days a week at Uni for other subjects within the course.  

Undertaking the summer course in New York has assisted me in finding internships that allowed me to gain further experience in the industry. I’ve completed social media internships with a brand called Tirelli and also Bombshell Bay Swimwear, which has allowed me to gain a great insight into the industry and work on photo shoots. All of these have been great experiences and will be extremely beneficial for when I find full time work in the industry at the end of this year, as I complete my Bachelor of Fashion (Merchandise Management).  

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