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Now this one had me completely taken aback when I first heard about it, especially as I couldn’t find anything on the internet telling me what it was about (history wise). We’ve lived in Mirboo North for over four years and this is the first time that I’d heard of the Mirboo North Italian Festa, despite the fact that it’s been running for nearly 50 years. Apparently it was previously called the St Paul Festival but is now known as the Mirboo North Italian Festa. It’s basically a family festival commemorating the history of the Italian people in the region, all things Italian, and St Paul, the Patron Saint of Solarino from where many of the families now living in the region came from, so many years ago. Today, it’s morphed into a wider festival, encompassing all cultures that live in the region.

So when I went to the event, I discovered the history of the Festa and its association with the Italian community, as it was depicted in the Old Grain Store. At the end of this story, I’ve included large photographs of the potted history of the Italian community in the region, so that anyone interested can read things in more detail, somewhat like the Driffield Memorial story (click on the images for a larger view). Apparently, around 80% of Mirboo North’s Italian migrants came from the town of Solarino in Sicily, which is largely due to the migrant sponsorship scheme that was in operation for many years, though the history of migration (PDF file) to Australia goes back a long way. But here’s the first of that potted history to give a little more background information.

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