A Giving Community

The communities in our district are well known for our active and committed volunteers.  These volunteers bring us a range of activities and services, ranging from the purely fun to the absolutely necessary.  By giving time and skills these volunteers ensure that the sport, event or service that we love (and often need) is available right here within our community. 

We also regularly give our time to fundraising money for local clubs and groups, to ensure they have the funds to keep doing what they are good at, with all the equipment or facilities that this requires. 

Perhaps less commonly known, this community also gives financially, through donating to charity.  The statistics from the ATO tell us that a third of taxpayers in the 3871 postcode claimed a tax deductible donation in 2018/19 financial year (donations by postcode were compiled by QUT nationally, based on ABS data, and show we are ahead of the state average in this). 

In fact, in the 2018/19 financial year those tax-deductible donations claimed in our postcode amounted to a total of $163,069.  With an average donation of $300, the cumulative amount of donations in our postcode was significant and we can safely assume that this supported great charities and causes locally and further afield. 

Research tells us that when we give to charities, whether financially or as a volunteer, we want to see that the impact or benefit from our giving.  Most often, we want to see an immediate impact, as in flood or drought relief, where donations flow to amazing charities and volunteers are on the ground ensuring the necessities are supplied promptly to those suffering. 

Sometimes we want to see a more long-term impact with a donation, to tackle underlying issues rather than immediate need.  Or we might want to support a short term need but ensure that this short term need will continue to be supported over time: next year, in 10 years time, and beyond.

The Mirboo North & District Community Foundation is a charitable organisation that provides the structure for that long term impact.  The majority of donations are invested together in one large investment portfolio, the earnings from which go back into the community each year.  And will continue to do so every year.   It is like our community’s own superannuation fund – a regular income for our community each year. 

If you want to expand your giving beyond your time and skills, to ensure on-going financial support for something you are passionate about in the place you love, you can make a donation to the Community Foundation and direct that it be used as an on-going income for that cause.  Whether it is $50 or $500, your donation will be invested with all others and the cumulative earnings will be targeted at the area you are passionate about.

The Community Foundation is also structured so that individuals can set up their own funds to support causes that matter to them, securing both short and long term impact, but safe in the knowledge that this support will continue forever.

Find out more about making a donations or our existing funds in support of education, our local chaplaincy and well-being program, our community’s future needs and the senior citizens in the Mirboo North area at https://mirboodistrictfoundation.org.au/ways-to-give/make-a-donation/.