Education Support

This program was started back in 2013 with a focus on assisting students in transitioning to tertiary education.  For the first five years, the focus was solely on financial support for students in making this transition, being one of the primary challenges faced by the students in our District.

Since 2018 the program has also included opportunities for mentoring and leadership development through a collaboration with Youthrive Victoria.  This support acknowledges the developmental challenges rural students face in this transition, particularly when they move away from support networks to take up their education (indicated by high drop-out rates).

The Education Support Awards

To provide financial support to students in our District to help overcome the challenges of transitioning to or accessing tertiary education.  Whether the challenges relate to distance / location, or their own specific circumstances, the Education Support awards can be used for relocation costs, bonds, rent, course materials etc.  These awards are distributed each year in February to the successful recipients.


The Community Bank Mirboo North & District has long been a supporter of the Education Support awards, through donations and the creation of the Community Bank and Co-operative Fund.

This year, we are very excited that the Community Bank Mirboo North & District have decided to sponsor a two-year Education Support Award for two students leaving Secondary College and heading to University.  These students will receive a $3,000 Education Support Award in their first and second year of University.

To date

We have given $130,000 in Education Support Awards grants to young people and mature aged students beginning tertiary education for the first time.

This is a fantastic example of the resilience of our district and its community, and demonstrates that when we work together, we thrive together.

Mentoring and Rural Youth Leadership


The costs associated with taking up third level education is only one of the challenges facing our students.  Research indicates that another challenge is that students are moving away from various support networks.  In collaboration with YouThrive Victoria we offer students access to a Mentoring Program and a Rural Youth Leadership Program.


What is the purpose of the Mentoring Program?

Mentoring is aimed at providing a support network for students transitioning to university.  They will be assigned a mentor (who is a second or third year student in the same university or doing the same course) to act as a source of information and guidance.

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What is the purpose of the Rural Youth Leadership Program?

The Rural Youth Leadership Program is aimed at developing leadership skills for rural students to enhance their studies and to reach their full potential as future leaders in their rural communities.

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Who can apply? 

  • People enrolled in or intending to enrol in their first year of a recognised course of study in the following year. 
  • Residents of or people with a strong demonstrable connection to the Mirboo North District.  
  • Australian citizens, permanent residents and applicable visa holders. 

What can the Education Support award be used for?

  • Approved curriculum and post compulsory education courses at an Australian higher education institution or registered training organisation that are approved or recognised by Australian educational authorities. 
  • Expenses related to living away from home (including rent / board) 
  • Expenses directly related to the course being undertaken (e.g. books, laptop, materials)

When do I apply?

Applications generally open in September and close in November for the Education Support Awards, the Mentoring Program and the Rural Youth Leadership Program.

How do I apply? 

Please read the guidelines document below before completing your application.

Each applicant must submit a Student Application Form and ensure that their Referee submits the Reference Form, for their application to be considered.

Education Support Program Guidelines
Online Student Application Form
Online Reference Form

If you have any questions please contact or call 0418 301 092. 

Applications are now open and close on November 21st 2021.