Create a Fund

Set up your own Named Fund

Have you thought about the impact you can have through giving back to your own community?  Through the creation of a perpetual sub-fund with the Community Foundation you can have the personal satisfaction of directing your donation to a worthwhile cause in your community for the long term.

Named Funds can be a donation or gift in the donor’s lifetime with a particular advice on how it should be used or a bequest with the same intent.  We call it a Named Fund, as the donor has the opportunity to give a name to the sub-fund which may honour someone in their lifetimeor preserve the memory of a family member, friend, pioneer or outstanding citizen.

Named Funds also have the following benefits for donors:

  • It is an efficient and easy alternative to setting up a permanent, private fund. There are no establishment compliance issues or ongoing costs such as accounting, audit and legal costs
  • It will continue to offer a lasting legacy from your giving in our local district
  • On-going trusteeship of the fund by the Community Foundation
  • Tax deductible donations if established during the lifetime of the Donor.


If you or your family are interested in setting up a Named Fund though the Mirboo North and District Community Foundation, please contact us via the connect form on this website. Your interest will be emailed direct to our Executive Officer, who will be in contact with you.