Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2017 Canva


On Monday 20th November the members of the Mirboo North & District Community Foundation gathered for the Annual General Meeting at the Walter J Tuck Recreation Reserve Rooms to hear the Annual Report by the Board.  Paul Pratt, as Chair of the Community Foundation, was first to give his report (Annual Report 2017).  Paul noted that during 2017 one key focus for the Community Foundation had been community engagement. 

‘Community engagement is key to the success of our Community Foundation; without engagement, partnership and collaboration the impact of our organisation for our district will be limited.  I am delighted that we have made strong progress in this area through our monthly e-newsletter, social media presence, collaborative forums and capacity building grants’, he noted.

Paul also congratulated Derrick Ehmke, who was in attendance, on receiving the Community Foundation Practitioner Award for 2017.  ‘Derrick’s impact upon our community, our Community Foundation and the broader Community Foundation movement were significant and it is a very well deserved award’, he said.

Paul concluded that the next challenge is to support the whole community in defining its needs and priorities and in developing the local workable solutions:

‘The growth of our ‘future fund’ puts the Community Foundation in a position to provide the financial means towards the community implementation of those solutions.  Together we can make the whole community more prosperous, adaptive and resilient; together we can ensure our district’s sustainable future.’

It was then the turn of Grant Irving to give the Finance Report, on behalf of Rob Kiddell who was an apology for the evening.  Grant took the members through the financial statements (see pages 15 to 26 of the Annual Report) and highlighted that despite the volatile global economy, the funds invested by the Community Foundation have achieved an income return of 4.8% during the 2016/7 financial year and capital growth of 5.8% during the same period.

Executive Office, Ruth Rogan, also said a few words, commenting that she felt very lucky to have the opportunity to work closely with her community:

‘This role has given me a window into our many and varied community groups, and an understanding of how committed our community are in dedicating their time, energy and skills for the good of the community as a whole.  Together with our Community Foundation, this community not only has the energy and the spirit for finding local solutions to local problems but also the means to put it into practice’, she said.

To find out more about what the Mirboo North & District Community Foundation has been up to in the last year, please have a look at our Annual Report.  If you would like a hard copy, you can drop into our office (behind the Bendigo Bank) or send us an email at