Community Foundation grants for Tertiary Education in 2023 Closing Soon

Wherever you are at on your educational journey, if you are taking up tertiary level studies in early 2023, you can apply to the Mirboo North & District Community Foundation for an Education Support Award to assist with the financial costs of studying.  Applications are closing soon though – they must be in by Wednesday 23rd November, 2022. 

The Education Support Program was created in 2013 to provide financial support to help people of all ages access University, TAFE or other recognised post-secondary courses.

“Living regionally it can be expensive to access the educational course you are keen on.  Our Education Support awards are targeted at supporting some of the upfront costs, like laptops and accommodation bonds,” explained Diana Mueller, Chair of Community Engagement and Grants Committee.

The Community Bank, Mirboo North & District has always been a supporter of the Education Support Program and they are back on board for 2023.

“Thanks to the Community Bank, Mirboo North & District there will again be some two-year Education Support Awards for students heading to University,” said Ruth Rogan, Executive Officer. “Targeted at school leavers, this financial support of $3,000 in their first and second years of their University course will reduce the pressure upon our local students while they make this transition.”

Mentoring and Development Opportunities

In recognition that students don’t just face financial challenges in this transition, the Education Support Program also provides mentoring support and leadership opportunities to local students. 

In collaboration with Youthrive Victoria, the Community Foundation provides students with access to Youthrive’s mentoring and personal development programs which are aimed at reducing the high drop-out rates of students.  There has been really positive feedback from the students who have taken up these opportunities – the mentors are students themselves, just a few years older, who have done the same course at the same Uni or TAFE.  Sometimes it is just about finding out where you get the second hand books, how you get an extension on an assessment or how to find your way around the library.  Tick the box on the application form if you are interested in finding out more. Whether you are leaving school, have been earning money to fund your further studies or have decided to go back as a mature student, the Education Support Program is available to you.  Fill in an application on our website before November 23rd 2022: