Community Foundation Supports 9 Projects in 2013

Nine new community projects valued at $53,500 will soon be up and running, thanks to the support of the Mirboo North and District Community Foundation, which announced the successful applicants to its fourth grants round at an awards ceremony on Monday night, 25 November 2013, at Mirboo North’s Walter J Tuck Recreation Reserve.

Foundation Chair, Kate Buxton, said that “The diversity of projects supported this year reflects the tremendous capacity of our community to develop locally grown and innovative solutions in response to local issues’

Successful applicants are:

Boolarra Memorial Park – Feasibility Study for a Multipurpose complex. $6,000

The development of a concept/master plan will enable this resilient community to move to the next stage of realising the building of a multi-purpose complex at the Boolarra Memorial Park. This complex will be available to many user groups in the district, providing a meeting place, a place to share learning, show case community works and more. A complex like this will help build the wellbeing of the community.

South Coast Primary Care Partnership – Army of Minds Mental Health $11,000

Young people who are healthy, have goals and plans will be more engaged to remain in education, stay at school and are more likely to move into some form of further education or training.

The Army of Minds Mental Health project strengthens student understanding and awareness of positive mental health and encourages young people to be more proactive when it comes to improving their health and wellbeing. The program will also build capacity of staff at the school, supports parents and utilises Beyond Blue’s evidence based National Mental Health Strategies KidsMatter & MindMatters to facilitate the delivery of mental health.

Mirboo Group of CFA – Mobile Incident Command & Control Boards $1,544

A most important aspect for the control of bushfires is the coordination of the various firefighting units. This equipment will improve our local CFA Group’s preparedness to respond to and manage fires and incidents more effectively.

The grant will support the purchase of Mobile Incident Command & Control Boards; one for the Forward Command Vehicle (based at Mirboo North). This will potentially reduce the impact of bushfires, improve safety for our community and enable our wonderful CFA firefighters to identify where the most critical areas of Bushfires are.

Thorpdale & District Kindergarten -Community Sensory Garden. $5,535

This project will result in the community of Thorpdale having access to a ‘sensory garden’, a place for community members to relax and explore, feel, smell and explore nature. The garden will stimulate the senses; promote social inclusion and provide children with a place to read quietly and unwind.

Friends of the Lyrebird Walk – Repair of Workshop guttering $5,340

The Lyrebird Walk and Grandridge Rail Trail are wonderful community assets which available for the community and tourists to enjoy largely as a result of the work being carried out by hard working volunteer group the Wednesday Warriors. The Warriors also actively support other community initiatives with past endeavors include assisting the local Primary School to build a kitchen garden, building and erecting outdoor furniture at the Mirboo North local library and Baromi Park. This project will provide much needed funds for the repair of the group’s workshop, supporting the Wednesday Warriors to continue their work in the community, and ensuring the preservation of our wonderful natural local environment

Mirboo North Kindergarten – Outdoor Play Area Re-development. $2,245

The Mirboo North Kindergarten is in the process of re-developing the outdoor play area at the kindergarten. A permanent shelter has been erected over the sandpit in the outside play area of the kindergarten, and a new cubby house has been installed.

This project will enable the installation of a rain water tank which will supply the wet play area being constructed as part of the next stage of development.

The enhanced play area will help the children to learn about water safety conservation as well as being lots of fun.

Friends of Mirboo North Aged Care and Community Services (auspiced by Mirboo North Community Shed) – Health & Wellbeing provision for Aged Care residents $5,000

The Friends of Mirboo North Aged Care provide regular assistance to residents of the Mirboo North Aged Care Facility for events, outings and requirements outside of the normal activities provided by the facility owners. The aged face many challenges as they get older and isolation is a major issue which can have a significant impact health and wellbeing. Supporting our valued older citizens to keep engaged with their communities is vitally important. The funds provided by the Foundation will provide opportunities for residents to be involved in a range of community based activities, programs and outings.

Mirboo & District Historical Society – Installation of electronic Stairlift Chair $12,070

It is all too easy to forget the difficulties mobility impaired citizens often face in accessing older public buildings. The project, which will result in the installation of a stairlift, will ensure greater access and equity for ageing and mobility impaired members of the community and visitors to the Mirboo North Historical Society rooms located at the Shire Hall. In addition to the dedicated volunteers of the Historical Society the stairlift will allow greater usage of the facility by other users, community groups.

Dumbalk Progress Association – Improved Facilities at Dumbalk Community Centre $4,766

Replacing the very old inefficient heaters with with a single more efficient and economical split system air-conditioning unit will improve the environmental conditions in this important community resource used by a large number of community groups and offering a wide range of activities.

Kate Buxton said “our catchment is a vibrant district with large number of community groups and organisations passionately committed to improving their community. It is an immense privilege for us to be in a position to support projects that we are sure will make a meaningful difference to the lives of many so people.