Community Grant Recipients 2017

Community Grant Recipients 2017

Community Grants Diana


The Awards evening for our 2017 Community Grants also took place on the 20th November this year, immediately after the AGM, and we were delighted announce the 15 recipients of this year’s Community Grants round, and the distribution of a total of $51,025.

Diana Mueller, convenor of Community Foundation’s Grants and Allocations Committee, set the context with a short report on the year gone by which involved distributions of almost $90,000 to projects in the areas of health, youth, aged, community strengthening, education, arts and culture and the environment, bringing the total distribution since inception to over $611,000.

The fifteen successful recipients are a diverse range of community organisations each with a very different but beneficial project for the communities across our District.  On receipt of their award, each recipient spoke about their project, what it involved and how it would impact in their community.  It was incredibly heart-warming to hear the passion, enthusiasm and community spirit shining through as each recipient spoke. 

Di Mueller congratulated the recipients noting that, ‘it is wonderful to see the commitment of so many people not only to successfully apply for grants but to then work together using those funds to implement the project and bring the benefits to the community.  Each grant project takes the time, skills and energy of community volunteers whom are critical in this process.’

We have set out below the list of the recipients and a brief description of their project.  We look forward to bringing you updates on how each group gets on through the course of 2018.

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1     Allambee South Community Centre with a project  called ‘Improve Community Access and Amenity’

The Allambee South Community Centre is a critical community strengthening organsiation in this small community. This project will improve the access and usability of the community centre by upgrading the drive and drainage, laying additional tan bark around the picnic area and playground and purchasing four outdoor picnic tables and fitting internal sunscreen blinds.

2     Arts Resource Collective, known as ARC Yinnar with a project called After School Art for Young Artists       

The After School art project plans to provide a series of free visual art classes to Primary and early secondary students aged between 4 and 13 years of age who reside within the community and surrounds of Yinnar and Boolarra townships. The project will be based at Arc Yinnar and will culminate in a public and community exhibition within the small gallery “SParc” housed at Arc in Yinnar.

Through this project, the children and young people will have educational and cultural experiences and personal and wellbeing developmental opportunities in the planning, creation and exhibition of their own artworks.

3     Boolara Community Development Group with a project called Bell Harp Musical sculpture                       

The project involves the installation of the Bell Harp Musical Sculpture in Boolarra’s Railway Park with the aim of encouraging greater community involvement in the Railway Park and provide alternative cultural and musical activity for residents.

4     Boolara Community Development Group with a project called Boolarra BMX Track                          

A fantastic grass roots community initiative to install a BMX Track in Boolarra Centenary Park, this is also a great example of collaboration between the community, local government and grant makers like the Community Foundation and the Mirboo North & District Community Bank.

The BMX Track will empower youth by offering a sense of independence, a sense of responsibility and ownership of a project they instigated and helped design. It will be a gathering place for kids and families, building on the sense of community.

5     Mirboo Country Development with a project called Boomerang Bags Mirboo North                         

MCDI, Mirboo North’s community development organisation, is helping to establish a Mirboo North Boomerang Bags group, which will involve volunteers gathering to make and then organise the distribution of reusable shopping bags within the community.  The group are made out of recycled materials and will sport a printed logo, so that we know what bags to ‘boomerang’ back. The printing materials will be funded by this grant.

6     St Paul’s Social Catholic Club Mirboo North Italian Festa                         

Already a well established event, this year the Community Foundation is delighted to be providing financial support to enable free kids activities during the day.  As always, the Mirboo North Festa aims to strengthen the local community through the shared experience of a cultural event that promotes mutual respect, harmony and appreciation of cultural diversity.

7     Mirboo North & Mardan Landcare with the Strzelecki Koala Habitat Corridor Project                      

Mardan & Mirboo North Landcare Group have been actioning the South Gippsland Koala Habitat Corridor Plan within the areas of Berry Creek, Mardan, Mirboo and Mirboo North, with the aim of  creating interconnected habitat corridors across the landscape to support and enhance the population of Strzelecki Koalas.  Federal funding ceased in 2017 and the grant will go towards fencing and trees for a number of new properties that have come on board.

8     Mirboo North Bowling Club with a project to Replace the synthetic carpet bowling surface.                           

In many small towns there are limited opportunities for residents such as the elderly, the young or those with a disability to meet and interact.  Bowls provides an opportunity for inclusion, mentoring and participation whilst relieving the effects of social isolation often caused and associated with the elderly in the community.  The Club functions as a community facility and is a focal point in the local community , offering people from many cultural and socio-economic backgrounds a positive venue for interaction and engagement.  By providing excellent facilities to the community at large, the Mirboo North Bowling Club are providing and enhancing a strong sense of community. 

9     Mirboo Recreation Reserve with a project called Mirboo Pavilion Makeover                        

This project will replace the tables and seating and the old rusty BBQ in the Mirboo Rec’s Pavilion.  It will not only benefit local community members who use the pavilion for picnics, tennis players utilising the facilities, but also the visiting workers and day-trippers that are commonly seen using the pavilion for a lunch stop.  It will help maintain a sense of social cohesion across the Mirboo community.

10  Mirboo North Art Space with a project called Community Access Workshops and After School program                     

Through this project, the Artspace is going to continue to organise community access workshops and after school art programs for young people.  The aim of this project is to help cater for those at social or financial disadvantage, particulary in improving mental health outcomes.

11  Mirboo North Kindergarten with a project called Learning for All                                

This project will create a cultural sensitive outdoor play space at the MN Kindergarten.  With a learning stone at its centre it will provide a better cultural understanding of and teaching place for indigenous culture. Diversity and multiculturalism will be embraced by every young student and their families.

12  Mirboo North Playgroup with a women’s event called Inspire. Empower. Grow

Mirboo North Playgroup will bring a free empowerment evening to the women of the Mirboo North and District. The aim is to empower women to be leaders, who will also contribute in turn to the sustainability of the Playgroup and the community by giving some the confidence to step up and take both leadership and non-leadership roles.

13  Mirboo North Senior Citizens group with a project called Retractable Screen at the Baromi Centre                             

The MN Senior Citizens will purchase and install an electronic retractable screen to complete a project to improve the audio visual facilities at the Baromi Centre. The Centre is used by them and other groups to educate, inform, entertain and occasionally as a place of celebration. A place that brings community together.

14  Mirboo North Secondary College with a project entitled MNSC Year 9 Showcase Project                         

The Showcase Project is an innovative approach to how the MN Secondary College structure electives at Year 9.  In 2018 students will work on the ‘The Project’ where all 70 students will be ‘team taught’ in a project based learning atmosphere.  Students will be encouraged to pursue their passions and interests and gain a stronger understanding of how they learn best, which will stand them in great stead for success in Senior School. This innovative educational project is based on the the evidence that suggests students at this age are more engaged in their learning when their educational experiences are connected to the real world and they are actively involved in the learning process (student driven).

15  University of the Third Age Mirboo North & District with the project Tools for Tutors                        

The grant will provide the organisation with the basic tools necessary to equip volunteer tutors to deliver quality classes. There are already sixty members who will benefit from these classes in this dynamic new organisation committed to education for all ages.

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