Fundraising for the Mirboo North Pool Hits $888,000


As the summer pool season draws to a close the Friends of the Mirboo Northth Pool and the Community Foundation are excited to announce that fundraising for the long-awaited redevelopment of the Mirboo Nth Pool has reached $888,000.

“During December and January there were some significant donations from community organisations in our area.  These community organisations, who fund raise for their own purposes, decided to lend their support to the MN Pool Redevelopment Project which has been really appreciated” said Fred Couper, Treasurer of the Friends of the Mirboo Pool. “It reflects how valued the Pool is to all in the community” commented Fred.

The Friends of the Aged Care donated $3,000 (they have already donated $7,000), Mirboo Country Development Inc (MCDI) donated $10,000 and the Mirboo North Senior Citizens donated $2,000.  There were also some personal donations, large and small, one anonymous donor giving $2,500. 



MCDI  Friends of the Aged Care 

These donations have all been matched by a donation from the Mirboo North & District Community Foundation, as part of the $100,000 Challenge Fund.   To date over $45,000 has been donated by the Community Foundation, matching $45,000 of donations / funds raised by the community since May 2018.  So there is still time to ‘double’ your donation.

As the fundraising campaign continues to move forward so does the process of determining a final design and allocating contracts. The South Gippsland Shire Council is responsible for this process and is continuing negotiations with tenderers.  “Like everyone in the community we are looking forward to getting a date for when the redevelopment will begin. There is no doubt that it has been a long process, but we’re confident that we will get there in the end” reflected Fred.



                                    Thermometer             Marg Lorainne          Pool  


With only two weeks left in the pool season the Friends of Mirboo North Pool are having one last fundraiser on Saturday the 9th of March, the last weekend of the season.  While it may be the final chance for people to use the pool as it stands now, our fundraising and the Community Foundation’s matching of all donations will continue until the remaining $55,000 has been raised.  All donations are tax deductible and will be ‘doubled’ by matched funding while the Challenge Fund is open.  If you are interested, drop in to the Community Foundation or the pool for a donation form.