Community Recovery Fund

On Tuesday last, 13th February, Mirboo North & surrounding areas were unexpectedly hit by an incredibly powerful storm.  It flattened trees, tore roofs off tens of houses,  damaged many more roofs, sheds and vehicles with falling branches and trees.   The storm also crippled the power infrastructure (still being repaired as of Saturday 17th) and knocked out the communications infrastructure for three days making organising recovery challenging.   

It is wonderful to see the outpouring of generosity all around us.  Volunteers from near and far, donations of all kinds.  Financial donations are also really effective for the medium term recovery.

If you would like to help through making a financial donation, the Community Foundation has set up a Community Recovery Fund which will support the community recover in the medium term when the immediate emergency relief activity has been completed.

As a perpetual organisation that builds strong communities through giving, facilitating and investing, we are here for the long term and will target donations to support community lead recovery projects and programs.

Our community appreciates your support.