Giving Local at the End of Financial Year

We are lucky to be part of a very generous community. 
Most people are aware of the generosity of the local volunteers. They keep many opportunities available in our local area, from local sport to local fitness, from local ambulance to local fire services. 
None of these services would be available without volunteers who give their time generously. 

Did you know that we are also generous in terms of financial donations?
According to figures from the ABS Census, one third of adults in South Gippsland had claimed a tax-deductible donation in the previous financial year.

As we approach the last few weeks of this financial year, remember that the Mirboo North & District Community Foundation is not only structured to channel donations to addressing local needs and challenges, but it can also give tax deductible receipts for all donations received.

Why We Give |

Strengthening Community Bonds: When we donate to local causes, we foster a sense of unity and connection among community members. This strengthens the fabric of our neighborhoods and brings people together to work towards shared goals.

Addressing Local Needs and Challenges: Local communities face unique challenges and needs that may not receive enough attention from larger organisations. Giving local allows us to focus on these specific issues and provide tailored solutions that make a meaningful impact.

Boosting Local Economy: Supporting local businesses, charities, and initiatives, contribute to the economic growth of our community. Donations create jobs, support local artisans, and enhance the overall well-being of our neighborhood.

The Community Foundation has existing programs targeting particular needs in the community.
Below are some initiatives set-up through the Community Foundation that you can contribute to this EOFY.

Ways to give through the Community Foundation |

Education Support Program aims to assist students transitioning into tertiary studies. By donating to this program, you can empower young individuals in pursuing higher education and shaping their future.

Chaplaincy and Well-being Fund focuses on supporting a Chaplain and implementing well-being projects at Mirboo North schools. Your contribution to this fund can positively impact the mental and emotional well-being of students, creating a nurturing learning environment.

Welfare Fund for Local Students: Rising living costs have placed additional burdens on many local individuals and families. The Community Foundation operates a welfare fund for students in primary schools and the secondary college within our district. By donating to this fund, you can help provide support for students in need.

Food Parcels Distribution by Equip Church: The Equip Church in Mirboo North facilitates the bi-monthly distribution of food parcels to those facing food insecurity. Donating to this initiative can help alleviate hunger and provide vital nourishment to individuals and families in need.

All of these programs put donations to work in the local community. 
If you want to find out more please contact us on or you can donate online here at: