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‘Inspire. Empower. Grow’ came from the idea that the women in our community should celebrate the unique inspiring and capable individuals we all are. 

As rural women we love our environment, our communities, families, neighbours and friends; but we know from experience the challenges that arise from our (relative) remoteness.   It doesn’t stop us; we throw our energies into sustaining and growing families, community organisations, businesses and much more; building community resilience for ourselves, our partners and particularly our children. 

Inspire. Empower. Grow is an evening for laughter and new ideas, good wine and local food, which is taking place at the Mirboo North Rec Reserve on Thursday 23rd November at 7pm. 

It will be hosted by Julia Keady from The Xfactor Collective.  Julia, who lives with her partner and their child in East Gippsland, has been involved in both major large scale social change projects, as well as supporting women change-makers around the world across social innovation and social enterprise. 

She will give us an amusing perspective on life and how to find the strength to develop our voices and pursue our passions.  She will remind us that we are growing our girls into the strong confident women of the future, and our boys into men who will take for granted that their siblings and partners have equal roles and abilities.  

The evening itself is being brought together by Mirboo North Playgroup, but is open to all of us, women of all ages who would like to feel empowered and ready to take on anything life throws at us.  

MN Playgroup was delighted to win a Playgroup Victoria Award this time last year, the Minister’s Award for Innovation and Excellence, and part of the award was $1,000 to go towards professional development.   ‘The award was recognition that our Playgroup not only provides a safe place for young children to play, but also provides a place for women and families to make strong community connections and to help each other with the challenges of growing confident and resilient children.  So we felt that an event to celebrate strong women right across our community linked well’, explained Lorinda Campbell, MN Playgroup President.  ‘However, this free event wouldn’t have come together without the additional financial support of the Mirboo North & District Community Foundation, South Gippsland Shire and the Mirboo North & District Community Bank.  We are very pleased that they are supporting the women of our community too’ she added.

If you want to know more, we are on FB or call Lorinda on 0418 681 763.

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