Koala Habitat Corridor Project



South Gippsland Koala habitat corridors


The Mardan Mirboo North Landcare group Inc. have completed the works for a 2017 community grant supplied by the Mirboo North & District Community Foundation.  The MMN Landcare Group in a recent article to the Mirboo North Times thanked the Community Foundation for their generous support to their group and the community of Mirboo North and surrounds.

The Community grant was used to erect fencing and supply trees to landowners to extend and connect South Gippsland Koala habitat corridors. These corridors across farm land give koalas the option not to use the road verges.   The MMN Landcare group will continue to support and enhance the population of Strzelecki koalas by encouraging more landowners to get involved in helping provide habitat for our koala population.

With the extensive clearing of the native forests by the earlier settlers and now with the threat of VicForest clear felling what little forest is left, it is up to individual land owners to step up and plant corridors on their properties to help provide shelter and food for Koala’s, birdlife and native animals.

Creating interconnected habitat corridors across the landscape will support and enhance the population of the Strzelecki Koalas. 

Tree Bee    Evans