Beginning Recovery…. Plant Hope

After the storm event each of us will take our own path to recovery in our own time, but the Mirboo North Community Recovery Fund has started to make some small grants to support this important process.

Sowing Seeds of Community Resilience

Recognising that connecting as a community brings us enjoyment, relaxation and the ability to share our experiences, the Community Recovery Fund has supported free food at two much enjoyed local events in the last few weeks: the free Community BBQ organised by the Storm Cell Volunteers and the free Open-Mic session organised by the Friends of the Pool.

Plant Hope is another beautiful project which is enabling the community to think about replanting in the aftermath of the storm.  Plant Hope is organised by Belinda Seabrook, Reverend at St. Mary’s Church, Mirboo North.  The wonderfully simple concept is that, in our own time, each of us can plant hope for the future in one of three ways:

  • By taking a plant for our own damaged garden.
  • By taking a plant to share with a friend or neighbour who has lost their garden; or
  • By leaving a plant as a free gift for someone else to take (one you have cultivated or bought)

Green Gestures: The Heart of Recovery

Local generosity and St. Mary’s Church have been ensuring there are many plants to keep this project running smoothly.   A small grant from the Mirboo North Recovery Fund will also be used to top up the available plants through purchasing from the Mirboo North Nursery.

“We have been so pleased with the response to the Plant Hope project,” explains Belinda Seabrook.  “More than a hundred and fifty plants have already gone out into the community and are being planted for our future.’

The Mirboo North Community Recovery Fund was set up in the aftermath of the storm to assist with the community’s medium- and longer-term recovery.  It has been generously supported by locals and those from further afield with connections to Mirboo North, who have made small and large donations.

“We are so grateful for these donations which are supporting projects like Plant Hope,” says Ruth Rogan, Mirboo North & District Community Foundation.  “The steady engagement with Plant Hope indicates that there is a need within the community to move to replanting our gardens and properties, and the Community Recovery Fund supports that.”

If you are ready to plant for the future, Plant Hope is located out the front of St. Mary’s Church on Ridgway – visit any time.

Find out more about the Mirboo North Community Recovery Fund or these projects, you can look at our website at or give us a call on 0418 301 092.