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Sporting Grants

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This month we take a look at how sporting clubs, associations and groups that keep our community moving and healthy can access grant funding to strengthen their communities.

Often these groups are unable to apply through normal granting bodies in their communities, because as the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) puts it:

“Generally, sporting clubs or associations do not meet the legal meaning of charity. Although sporting and recreation clubs make a valuable contribution to our community, as a matter of law, their purposes are generally not recognised as charitable.”                                      Source – ACNC website

There are however other sources of funding (government, federal and businesses) that can make grants to these sporting groups and associations. This allows these groups to find the funds required to bring their great ideas and projects into reality.

Below we will outline 10 Grant Programs which are currently open, specifically for these organisations.

In addition to these, it is important to note that the Shire’s community grants program is not limited by the ‘charitable purpose’ definition, so sporting clubs can apply to them for a small grant of $1,000 each month, or for a community grant twice a year. See the first article in our Grants series.

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The awesome Foundation

  1.    Provider : The Awesome Foundation

        Awesome Projects

        Amount  : $1,000

The Awesome Foundation is a global community advancing the interest of awesome in the universe, $1000 at a time.

Each fully autonomous chapter supports awesome projects through micro-grants, usually given out monthly. These micro-grants, $1000 or the local equivalent, come out of pockets of the chapter’s “trustees” and are given on a no-strings-attached basis to people and groups working on awesome projects.

Key Dates:   Applications always open.

                     Successful applicants will be phoned within 3 business days of the last Tuesday of each


For further details visit:

Australian sports commission


  1.     Provider : Australian Sports Commission

         Local Sporting Champions

         Amount : $500


The Local Sporting Champions (LSC) program is an Australian Government initiative designed to provide financial assistance for young sportsmen and women aged 12-18.

If successful, applicants will receive a $500 grant that can be used towards the cost of travel, accommodation, uniforms or equipment when competing, coaching or officiating at an official national sporting organisation (NSO) endorsed state, national or international sporting championships, or a School Sport Australia state, national or international championships.

Key Dates:    Round 1

                      Applications open 1st March 2018

                      Applications close 30th June 2018

                      Successful applicants notified August 2018

                      Round 2

                      Applications open 1st July 2018

                      Applications close 31st October 2018

                      Success applicants notified December 2018

                      Round 3

                      Applications open 1st November 2018

                     Applications close 28th February 2019

                     Successful applicants notified April 2019

For further details visit:


Victoria Fisheries Auth


  1.    Provider : Victorian Fishing Authorities

        Small Grants 2018

        Amount: Up to $5,000


To provide funding of up to $5,000 (GST exclusive) for small recreational fishing projects which benefit public recreational fishing in Victoria.

The Victorian Government recognises that recreational fishing is a major social and economic contributor to Victorian communities, and, as such, the Government supports actions or programs which aim to boost participation in recreational fishing and related activities.

The Small Grants Program is continuously open for applications, year round, subject to the allocation of available funds for any given period.

Key Dates:  Always Open

For further details visit:

Guidelines for applicant:

Sports Recreation Vic

  1.     Provider : Sport and Recreation Victoria

         Emergency: Sporting and Recreational Equipment

         Amount  : Up to $2,000 (excluding GST)


The Emergency Grant: Sport and Recreational Equipment Program helps local sport and recreation clubs and organisations replace essential sports equipment that has been lost or destroyed as a consequence of unpreventable and exceptional events such as fire, flood, significant storms, theft or criminal damage. A maximum grant of up to $2000 (excluding GST) will be provided to successful applicants to go towards the replacement cost of the lost or damaged equipment.

Key Dates: Always open

For further details visit:

Guidelines for applicant:


Vic Golf Foundation

  1.     Provider : Victorian Golf Foundation

         Grants Program 2018

         Amount  : Up to $3,000


The Victorian Golf Foundation ( VGF) makes grants from its Trust Fund to assist individuals, projects, programs and services which benefit golf.

Whether you are male or female, young or old, experienced or novice, a private or public course player, low or high handicapper – the Victorian Golf Foundation is working for you.

VGF funding will be provided under the following five categories. Projects under these categories include both established VGF budgeted programs and areas which the VGF has identified as suitable for golf development. 

  • Junior Development
  • Research and Development
  • Participation Initiatives
  • Publicity/Public Relations
  • Innovation

Key Dates:   Applications open now

                     Applications close 30th November 2018


For further details visit:



  1.    Provider : Australian Sports Foundation

        Giving for Grassroots

        Amount  : Up to $10,000


Sport4Everyone is an initiative of the Australian Sports Foundation’s Giving4GrassrootsTM (G4G) program, funding projects and activities that increase participation in grassroots and community sport through small grants. Sport4Everyone is generously supported by Australia Post and provides grants of up to $10,000 for projects and activities that create diverse, welcoming and inclusive sporting environments. The grants are to help individuals and communities to connect through sport, regardless of background or ability.

Key Dates:   Applications open 28th March 2018

                     Applications close 26th April 2018

                     Successful applicants notified via e-mail week commencing 4th July 2018

For further details visit:

Guidelines for applicant:

cricket australia logo Comm Bank

  1.    Provider : Cricket Australia and Commonwealth Bank

        Growing Cricket for Girls Fund


        AMOUNT: Funding is available for 2 years (up to $5,000 in Year 1 and up to $2,500 in Year 2)



       AMOUNT: Up to $2,000 per year

The hugely successful Growing Cricket for Girls Fund returns for a third summer with clubs, associations, school sporting associations and schools around Australia set to capitalise on the continued growth in cricket participation for women and girls.

Cricket Australia in partnership with the Commonwealth Bank established this ground breaking funding to directly support local cricket associations, cricket clubs, school sporting associations and secondary schools across the country to develop new girl’s competitions and teams and grow established competitions.

Key Dates for Victoria:    Applications open 14th March 2018

                                           Applications close 31st July 2018

                                          Successful applicants notified 13th August 2018

For further details visit:

Guidelines for applicant:




  1.     Provider : Sunsuper

         Active Community Grant

         Amount  : Up to $50,000

Sunsuper’s community grants are here to give you the leg up, a helping hand to make your dream a reality.

If your not-for-profit organisation or community group dreams of helping to create brighter futures for Australians or a more active community or support others to live better we want to hear about it.

 If you’re looking for sports grants to help people of all ages and abilities be more active, or to improve the health and fitness of those in your community, apply for our Active Community grant. Or if you have a dream to create more active communities through health initiatives, wellbeing programs or by tackling medical issues faced by the wider community we also want to hear from you.

Key Dates: Applications open 7th March 2018

                     Applications close 14th September 2018

                     Successful applicants notified 9th November 2018

For further details visit:

Guidelines for applicant:


  1.    Provider : Australian Open

        Community Grants

        Amount  : $1,000 – $5,000


Australian Open ‘AO’ Community Grants support projects seeking to improve tennis communities by investing in local tennis programs which focus on increasing and improving diversity and inclusion through the sport.

Tennis Australia is seeking applications for creative and sustainable participation programs that will provide local under-represented groups the opportunity to engage with tennis in ways that are meaningful for them.

Applicants who showcase local partnerships and sustainable pathways for ongoing participation will be favoured.

Key Dates:   Applications open 12th March 2018

                     Applications close 15th April 2018

                     Successful applicants notified 4th June 2018

For further details visit:

Guidelines for applicant:

Sports Recreation Vic


  1.    Provider : Sport and Recreation Victoria

        Country Football and Netball Program

        Amount  : Up to $100,000

The Country Football and Netball Program provides funding to assist grassroots country football and netball clubs, associations and umpiring organisations to develop facilities in rural, regional and outer metropolitan locations.

Key Dates:   Applications open 24th January 2018

                     Applications close 12th April 2018


For further details visit: