Boolarra swaps food and knowledge

Local food swaps are a novel way of keeping food and homemade goods in use and is a great example of practising the principles of the circular economy.

In 2018 Boolarra Community Development Group member Sue Webster began a food swap, to see if people want to come together to share their excess food. In 2019 they began running the food swap regularly and there have been many benefits other than sharing the spoils amongst others. 

“We hold the food swap on the third Sunday of each month and there has been 10-12 people attending each month this year, bringing homegrown food, preserves, seeds, home baked goods and even plants to swap with one another. We have had many people also visit from other areas around Gippsland who are interested in seeing how it works,” says Sue.

“As well as sharing our excess goodies, there is a great social aspect to it, with many conversations about how to grow and cook foods taking place. It’s a great icebreaker for new residents too, and they like to come along to meet people and find out what people are growing.”

Boolarra Food Swap

Due to it’s success Sue says they hope to keep the food swap going every month from now on.