Dream seeds

Mindset and Problem Solving with Rural Kids

The Dream Seeds program empowered Mirboo North Primary School students to create a vision and practical pathways towards positive futures and encouraged students to be leaders of their own lives. 

The local students responded positively and enjoyed the activities and discussions occurring around the themes of values and self-reflection.

Six young adults with rural backgrounds mentored the students, showing them they could follow their dreams, overcome barriers to education, providing aspiration and encouraging fun participation. 

Kitty Robinson, Dreamseeds team leader said “It’s rewarding to see their faces when kids realise that they’re finding something out about themselves and exploring new language, such as what values are, and how when they work as a small community they can make changes that impact.”

The core themes at the heart of Dream Seeds is aspiration, resilience and connection. Programs like these allow rural youth to act persistently on their hopes and aspirations, in turn to create stronger communities and open unique doors to further education for rural students. 

Kitty says that Dreamseeds is currently developing a comprehensive website so that students can access an online portal after they participate in the workshop. 

Dream Seeds 6