The Annemieke Mein exhibition at the Gippsland Gallery, Sale

A group of Mirboo North women enjoyed an opportunity to view the Annemieke Mein retrospective exhibition titled “A Life’s Work”.  This exhibition is currently being held at the Gippsland Gallery in Sale to celebrate the artists 80th birthday.

Exploring Annemieke Mein’s Retrospective Exhibition

The group travelled to the exhibition for free in the Mirboo North Community Bus on Easter eve, thanks to the Seniors Fund within the Mirboo North and District Community Foundation and to Di Kiddell’s generous offer to drive. Some of the group had previously seen a little of Annemieke’s textile artwork but this well curated and extensive collection provided a wonderful opportunity to follow the evolvement of Annemieke’s skills through many decades.  

Her realistic interpretations of what she observed in the environment, around her in the garden or in the Gippsland bush, were applied not only to textiles but to other mediums, such as bronze.The art works were enchanting and enviable; some came from the permanent collection at the Gippsland Gallery, some from the artist herself and also from private sources.
Exploring Annemieke Mein’s Retrospective Exhibition.

Much of Annemieke Mein’s artwork requires her commitment to giving time and energy to the painstaking observation creatures in their natural habitat. This is apparent from the associated displays in the exhibition, where there is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the process used in the construction of each.The group had a really enjoyable day and recommend the trip!

If you want to find out more about how to book the Mirboo North Community Bus, you can check out the Community Foundation’s website or call 0490 057 880.
For further info on the Seniors Fund, which was set up to support and connect the older adults in our community, you can find out more here or call in to the Community Foundation for a chat (Co-Space at 96 Ridgway).