Seniors Week in Mirboo North

Last week, Jimmy Jambs Café & Pantry hosted morning tea to over fifty of Mirboo North’s senior adults, serving them a delicious hot cuppa and cake every morning for five days.

It seemed everyone had flocked to the café to enjoy morning tea and social catchups across the week and this was confirmed by Alan Nicholls, Jimmy Jambs owner and lively host.

“Our café was so excited to participate in Senior’s Week! We received such a huge response. Seniors make up a large part of the Jimmy Jambs business. We love them all and are very grateful that they choose our venue,” said Alan.

With restrictions eased enough to allow small gatherings with friends and family, the Community Foundation is conscious of a need for people of all ages to reconnect.   The earnings from the Mirboo North Community Seniors Fund was used for its purpose of supporting Mirboo North’s Seniors, in this case funding morning tea which promoted reconnection and activity among our older adults.

“We were delighted to have the opportunity to socialise and catch up with friends, which has not always been possible in these difficult days,” explained Lynne Oates, President of the Friends of Aged and Community Services, who sent a thank you note.

The response received from the community was so overwhelmingly positive that we hope to see these gatherings continue in the future, however big or small.

While Seniors Week may have come and gone, we continue to encourage everyone to call-in on their senior friends and family.

If you want to find out more about the seniors fund visit