Mirboo North Times supporting Community

The Mirboo North Times has set up a sub-fund within the Mirboo North & District Community Foundation with a donation of $10,000! 
Mirboo North Times sub-fund donation will target and support people in need in the community, through the Community Foundation.
In particular it will support people through the Hope N Help food distribution group, based
in Mirboo North.

Volunteers Join Forces to Tackle Community Challenges

The Mirboo North Times is a weekly community newspaper is designed, printed and distributed by a team of volunteers. It is one of the few volunteer operated community newspapers that publishes weekly, by volunteers who work Friday and Monday wach week – 46 weeks of the year. 
This is an amazing feat and is one of the few volunteer operated community newspapers that publishes weekly.

The Mirboo North Times also provides significant financial support for local events and projects that benefit to the community.  The funds come from the money earned in sales of the paper and through advertisements placed by local businesses. 

A picture of the Mirboo North Times' newspare A-frame sign that reads ' Mirboo north Times.'

In the last few years, the Mirboo North Times has sponsored events like the Mirboo North Winterfest and Christmas in the Boo. They have supported community infrastructure projects, like the Mirboo North Pool and the Community Opp Shop (both received $10,000 donations) and the Revitalising Ridgway project. They have supported education, through awards given to students graduating from both the Mirboo North Primary and Secondary schools, and the aged care community, through donations to the Friend of the Aged Care.

Addressing the Rising Cost of Living: The Mirboo North Times Sub-fund

The Mirboo North Times is conscious that there are people struggling in the community with the hike in cost of living. 
In discussion with the Community Foundation about how to support the community, they decided to set up the Mirboo North Times Sub-fund with a donation of $10,000. 
This Mirboo North Times sub-fund donation will give out grants to support existing food relief programs in our community in 2023 and 2024.

If you would like to learn more about the sub-funds within the Community Foundation, or how to create a fund of your own, please click here.